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@zd0tYqCR wrote:

Here is the log report

Log file: firefly.log

2006-11-20 10:57:19 (d51c96b0): Starting with debuglevel 0
2006-11-20 10:57:20 (d51c96b0): Starting rendezvous daemon
2006-11-20 10:57:20 (d51c96b0): Initializing database
2006-11-20 10:57:20 (d51c96b0): Full reload…
2006-11-20 10:57:22 (d51c96b0): Starting mp3 scan
2006-11-20 10:57:24 (d51c96b0): Could not realpath C:Documents and SettingsMy DocumentsMy MusicCD02Matth??us-Passion BWV 244Philippe Herreweghe; Collegium Vocale Gent/23 – Aria(Alt) _ Koennen Traenen meiner Wangen – Philippe Herreweghe; Collegium Vocale Gent – CD02Matth??us-Passion BWV 244.mp3
2006-11-20 10:57:24: Aborting

I deleted a couple of empty folders, but I still can not get Firefly to start.

Microsoft documentation says the maximum file length is 256 characters, althought that’s clearly not it. Newer nightlies have expanded that to 512. Surely the path length there isn’t greater than 512 bytes, is it?

I think that’s what you are hitting.

You can try latest nightlies at That fixes some unicode file things, as well as the path length issue.

— Ron