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For some reason I can’t get any song by Michael Bublé to show up in a playlist…..I assume the problem is associated with the special “é” character in his name….

Any suggestions??

Currently using the nightly 1417 on an NSLU2.

Yes, that’s the issue. Is the playlist an iTunes playlist?

If so, then the filename is encoded in utf-8, while the files on the slug are codepage, probably latin1.

I need to get a way to specify codepage for the file systems, so it can do an internal conversion to get that.

It’s on my list, but it’s not real high on my list frankly. Kinda midrange, actually. 🙂

Yes, it is an iTunes playlist. Thanks for the feedback. Will wait and hope this one moves up the priority list. Is there a way to edit the playlist to fix the problem temporarily??

Ya, on the slug side, you can search for the playlist and replace the unicode blob with a text one.

You can also use iconv to convert the whole xml file. something like “iconv -f UTF-8 -t LATIN1 ‘iTunes Music Library.xml'” should do it.

You’ll need to put the “fixed” file back as “iTunes Music Library.xml”, obviously.

— Ron

How about on a FC4 machine?? Is there a different more permanent solution??