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I tried a few things with my AC3 files today.
Culprit seems to be the SoundBridge. It plain refuses to play an ac3 track.
I’ve tried it to play a native ac3 file, without transcoding.
I’ve now tried with transcoding, and fixed up the transcoding script, to plain use wavstreamer $FOREIGN on ac3 files, which imo should work.

The Soundbridge just doesnt even play the file, and claims “this filetype is not supported”.

I also tried to change the extension to .wav but mt-daapd is acting up and detects the inproper wav-header (Duh ;))

edit: I also tried to mess with the db to get the soundbridge to accept the file. but i guess itself checks for some sanity WAV-header-ish stuff then.
if the file has a wav-header though my receiver recognizes it as a PCM stream…. *Sigh*