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The soundbridge cannot play multichannel WMA files, and I don’t believe there has been much success (if any) getting it to play AC3 files either…

Some, including myself stream DTS multichannel audio which is packaged as a standard looking WAV file. This is why it’s actually possible. The soundbridge doesn’t know that it’s actually streaming DTS encoded music. It just looks like any other PCM audio data…

Currently I’m trying (unsuccessfully, so far) to convert 5.1 48/96kHz 24-bit DTS to some WAV compatible format to stream to the soundbridge, like my 20 other DTS CD’s… Not sure if it’s something with my receiver, or the 96kHz supplement in the data stream which is causing it to be unplayable… (Note, the data stream is 48kHz… If the receiver detects and is able to decode the data between 48kHz and 96kHz, the receiver doubles the clock and produces 96kHz audio).

I don’t imagine anyone else has been successful with this???

– Mike