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That’s it. What exactly isn’t working? Do you see them while browsing but they don’t play? Or do you not even see them when browsing? They won’t have any metadata, so you’ll just see filenames as the title.

the SB1000 shows the file but doesnt play it. Seems it cannot play native .ac3 files. Is there a way around it? like using transcoding?


Yes, but I don’t know if the soundbridge will do multichannel wav files, or how one would convert it to a multichannel wav file.

But generally, add ac3 to the transcode codecs, and edit your transcode script to convert the .ac3 file to a wav file.

That’s the rub, of course. I don’t know what an .ac3 file is, or what the tools are to deal with it. But by copying the transcoding stuff in the, you can probably work it out, given that you apparently are already familiar with the format.

— Ron