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@fd0 wrote:

@fizze wrote:

in the soundbridge menu theres a setting like “stream multichannel audio” or, sort of.
You need that setting so it passes the ac3 sound.

I donno whats neccy on the firefly side.

But im curious to know since I’ll be sport a new DD capable amp soonish, too. 🙂

I checked my soundbridge and multichannel audio is swtched on
I also checked the songs.gdb using strings and found that the files were indexed, meaning the entry in the conf file works :

extensions .mp3,.m4a,.m4p,.wma,.ac3,aac,.wav,.aiff

What more is needed to ensure mt-daapd (v 0.2.4) running on gentoo linux to serve .ac3 files to my SB


That’s it. What exactly isn’t working? Do you see them while browsing but they don’t play? Or do you not even see them when browsing? They won’t have any metadata, so you’ll just see filenames as the title.