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@fd0 wrote:

Would it be possible to add functionality to increase debug level dynamically using a ‘kill -USR1’ and decrease it again using ‘kill -USR2’

Perhaps. You could always do that with wget, though.

wget --user=someone --password=something http://server:port/xml-rpc?method=setconfig&section=general&key=debuglevel&value=9

Other question is to get the daemon to start logging with a ‘kill -HUP’ so during night time one can rotate logs and have daapd start on a new logfile

Hrm. It actually should. You’ll need to touch the new logfile and set permissions to let the “runas” user open it in append mode (since it will have long since dropped privs), but a HUP should already do that.

You’ll need to HUP the process in the /var/run/mt-daapd pidfile, though.

— Ron