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@eagledart wrote:

My media server was connected to the network via a wireless card, I’m still learning about networking, so it is entirely possible that I also had eth0 configured on a different subnet. But there was no cable plugged in, so would that matter?

Wouldn’t have thought so either, but apparently so.

The media server (running firefly) is (was) in the cupboard under the stairs running Debian headless (no monitor, etc). Last night I read on the forums that this issue might be due to firewall issues, so I messed around (via ssh) with iptables and firestarter, untill I locked myself out. Doh!


Word to the wise — I’ve not heard any reports of anyone getting multicast to work with firestarter. Not to say that it’s not possible, just that I’ve not heard any success reports, just failure reports.

So I dragged it out of the cupboard to connect it up to a monitor, keyboard, etc and dropped it. Bigger Doh! So now that’s completely knackered. Doh doh doh. Luckily the drive with all my media on is OK. But basically I need to rebuild my media server machine today.

Ooh. Sounds like a bad day. 🙁 Sorry to be the impetus for it. Hope the repair goes well.

— Ron