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Reply To: svn-1417 lose connection to soundbridge



@eagledart wrote:

The Roku will play music all day if I let it – no problem. If I switch it off and straight back on, no problem reconnecting. If I switch it off and leave it ten minutes, it can’t reconnect to the server.

that’s almost always and issue of the machine not seeing the dns-sd queries.

Usually, that’s because of a firewall, but it doesn’t look like it in your case:

2006-11-09 22:34:58 (00004000): SocketDataReady ignored a packet from to on interface /3 expecting
2006-11-09 22:34:58 (00004000): SocketDataReady got a packet from to on interface
2006-11-09 22:34:58 (00004000): Received Response from addressed to on 08099F38 TTL 255 with 0 Questions, 6 Ans

That’s the problem. It sees the dns-sd queries, then throws them away. Is your network really multi-netted? Are you running a and network on one interface?

That seems to be the problem. It’s getting queries on an interface it doesn’t expect to. What does your network setup look like?

From here, it looks like you have one interface with multiple ip addresses (on different subnets) set up on it. Is that right?