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@sansp00 wrote:

Only over a tunnel, locally, everything seems fine … But I have not messed a ton with it due to lack of time.
I did notice that activating the password in mt-daapd cause some issue to iTunes.
By stuck, I mean that iTunes does not respond anymore, there is just a pop up saying requesting url. I have to kill manually because it causes ‘metldown’ of my poor office computer.

After some thought, maybe there is a time out occuring on the ssh tunnel ?
Patrick S.

Or perhaps the link is really saturated and the request is slow? Or maybe the putty port forwarder only allows one connection?

I’ve not seen that before. I’m wondering whether it’s something new from the daap refactoring, or if it’s something with putty.


Although the fact that it only happens when tunneled makes me think putty. Is there a setting in putty for “backlogged connects”, or number of concurrent sessions, or anything like that?