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@Jxn wrote:

Someone what is the problem playing .ogg-files from my NSLU2-box with Rhythmbox 0.9.6?
It works ok with .mp3-files, but just ignores .ogg-filers (or jumps past them in playing list and marks them as wrong with a small stop-sign).
Most my media files are in .ogg-format, so I realy need to solve this. 😥

It’s transcoding, and rhythmbox apparently doesn’t play .wav files?

I think the fundamental problem is that iTunes would have to have oggs transcoded, and rhythmbox reports itself as iTunes, so… the files get transcoded.

There isn’t an elegant fix. There is a fix in svn that allows you to specify codecs you don’t want transcoded, but that will break iTunes. Your choice is to choose what client you want more broken.

— Ron