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@falling_in2_infinity wrote:

Only trouble is, I’d rather not have all my audio files in one long list – I’d like to keep to my original hierarchy. I guess I could type the xml manually, but that’s a bit of a pain.

If you copy *exactly* the way it is in iTunes, it should work. iTunes keep it as artist/album/song:

music/morrissey/bona drag/01 piccadilly palare.wav

That might *really* be:

/share/hdd/public/mp3/morrissey/bona drag/01 picadilly palare.wav

and the info in the iTunes XML is:

\slugpublicmp3morrisseybona drag1 piccadilly palare.wav

It tries to match those together by trimming off directories on the front until it finds a file.

So if the iTunes xml was in /share/hdd/public/mp3, and it was looking for that file, it would look in:

/share/hdd/public/mp3/morrissey… (and should find it here).

So as long as the files are in the same “structure” they were when they were ripped in iTunes (or copied from iTunes), and as long as the xml file is “above” the music… like in the forlder with all the artists, or the folder above that, then it should work.

If not, that’s a bug.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a gzipped -d10 log if that’s the case.

— Ron