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@n8gray wrote:

Ah, interesting! Hardcoding mp3 wouldn’t work for me since I’m streaming mp3 and aac, but it wouldn’t be hard to query the plugin for the type of file it will produce.

The “righter” way would be a plugin system that offered to convert to or from fixed types… plugins would offer to convert to or from one format to another and a solver would decide the best path to convert from what you have to what you want, then pipeline the necessary plugin modules and let it rip.

But there are file abstraction issues to work on, plus some plugins only work for seekable file handles, etc, etc.

It’s a not-easy issue. I may just hack in a wav-to-mp3 module and have an option to transcode to either wav or mp3, and that’s it. Probably a wrong way to fix it, but might be considerably easier than the right way.

— Ron