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Reply To: Silent Install of Firefly Media Server Doesn’t Work



@FireflyManiac wrote:

No matter what I do, I cannot get Firefly to install silently in a target directory. I am using the /S and /D= with the /D= being the last switch on the line, but it just won’t install to the directory I specify. What it does is install to the root of the drive (c:), but it doesn’t seem like it even does a full installation, because the uninstall path leads nowhere, and other things don’t work properly. Am I missing something? If it is a problem with the NSIS installer script, PLEASE fix it in the next build. Also, as a side note, please get Firefly to work with myTunes. Thanks a lot for a GREAT app.

Can’t imagine it will ever work right — nsis doesn’t support prompting for two directories, so it’s all hacked up to make it work.

Doesn’t really need an install anyway — just copy everything where you need it and do “firefly -i” to install the service. that’s it. No registry stuff, nothing like that.

If you have any insight on how to make the nsis installer more friendly, I’d take it.

If msi didn’t suck so bad for doing upgrades, I’d start packaging it as an msi, but that way is worse than nsi.