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Reply To: Listening to music files with switching on my PC,please HELP



@smbellare wrote:

I have a NAS Buffalo Linkstation 300gb which is connected to my Surecom wireless access point running 108bps. The access point is then connected wirelessly to the Roku M5000. All my music files reside on the Linkstation, but I cannot access these unless the PC is on. Is there any way that I can listen to my music files without having to switch the PC on? I have spoken to Roku Support, and they have directed me to the forums. PLEASE HELP!

What’s the model of the linkstation?

If it’s a PPC one (HG, for example), and you can install freelink, there are ppc debian packages on the nightlies site that run on linkstation/freelink.

I don’t have packages available for openlink, but I’d be willing to work with someone to get some going. It might be possible to get optware running on it, in which case we could make an ipkg for it.

If all that’s greek, then my short answer is probably not.. Not until someone steps up with some unix know-how and is willing to help make a package for openlink.

— Ron