Reply To: Windows Media Player -generated m3u playlists on NSLU2


@samsaidi wrote:

Thanks for that. I maybe didn’t make myself clear – I really want to use WMP as my main media player, and organise all my playlists from there. I know MM can do relative playlists which work fine, but the music library interface is pretty clunky, so I am not that keen on using it as my default media plyer.

The only way I could think to do something like that, then would be to use some kind of scripting tool, like “cut” for win32 or something… a batch file something like this:

@echo off
cat %1 | find /v "#" | cut -b 29- > "\ 2MUSIC%~n1

might probably do the trick. Uhh.. that would be a drop target, btw. Just make that as a “.bat” file, put it on your desktop and drop a .m3u on it… it should fix it and copy it over to the slug.

You’ll need a win32 version of “cut”, but something like that would be close.

— Ron