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You already mentioned MediaMonkey.

MediaMonkey has several ways to export its playlists.

By default there is the option to right-click on the playlist, sending the playlist to a m3u file which gives you relative paths.

So if all your music is in say “Y:MP3” and you save your m3u file in the same directory (“Y:MP3”), then you will have entries without the “Y:MP3”.

If you leave those lists there, Firefly can read them. That is the way I am doing it right now (Only I do have a copy of my tracks in C:MP3, working there and copying the m3us from there to Y:MP3. Works fine for me.

The other option in MediaMonkey is in the Export Menu, where you can export *all* playlists at once. This is an external script which is unfortunately for you generating absolute paths. (Every entry in the example above will start with “Y:MP3”)

But: One of the MM-scripters (trixmoto) was so friendly to change that script for me, so now it also *will* write relative paths. But that script is not included with MediaMonkey by default. You can find the thread for the script (and the script) with a search for “Modified ExportM3U” in the forum or by clicking here

If installed right, you will end up with two entries in the Export Menu. One for exporting with relative paths and the old one with absolute paths.

I hope this will help.