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Reply To: Firefly not finding some MP3 files on slug



@sam1 wrote:

Have setup another Slug for a friend. He has a Pinnacle Soundbridge.
Ripped 3488 tracks (mp3) into the music directory on the slug.
Firefly scans and finds 2604 of these files which play fine on the Soundbridge.
I-Tunes sees the Slug and finds 2604 files!

I-Tunes library is also pointed at the Slug mp3 folder…but it finds 3026 tracks.
Windows explorer can search the mp3 folder and finds 3488 tracks…..
I have run the chmod command on the mp3 folder just in case…

Windows Media Player finds all the music and plays perfectly.

Running SVN1372, Slug V2.3R63 beta6.8
Where has all the music gone???

Are they something other than .mp3? Maybe .aiff or .m4a or something else?

Find a missing track first, then figure out why it isn’t in mt-daapd. Could be a file extension thing — .m4a files not being picked up, which could be fixed by adding .m4a to your extensions list in the web config, or it could be permissions.