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@grav wrote:

I am having troubles getting 1417 to work on Ubuntu 6.10.

First of all, if I do

dpkg -i mt-daapd_0.9-svn-1417_i386.deb 

I am told that it depends on package libflac6.
This package doesn’t exist for Ubuntu, so instead I make a symbolic link to libflac7:

ln -s  /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

and then install 1417, ignoring the dependency:

dpkg --ignore-depends=libflac6 --install mt-daapd_0.9-svn-1417_i386.deb

Now mt-daapd is installed, and it also runs when doing mt-daapd start, but I can’t reach the server on port 3689.

Any advice?

I’d guess the chances of it working that way are probably pretty slim. That package is a “sarge” package, and you are installing it on what’s essentially an “etch” system. Not all too surprising it doesn’t work.

Is this dapper? I’m installing dapper now on my build system, and I”ll probably be dropping dapper packages next nightlies.

— Ron