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Version? This sounds like a svn-1313 bug, fixed in later. Probably should be running 1359.

svn-1417 running on mac os x 10.4.8.

That’s a new one, then. I wouldn’t mind seeing logs of when that happened.

At the default debug log level only these errors in the system.log seem to have happened around the same time, don’t know if they are related:
crashdump[8379]: bfobserver crashed
launchd: exited abnormally: Bus error

bfobserver is notorious for sucking up ram, and pushing machines into swap. Wonder if that’s part of the problem. When you noticed the high cpu, was it high user cpu, or high system cpu?

I’ll run the server with a more detailed log level for a while and wait for the issue to reappear.

– hannu

I’d appreciate any help you could provide in that direction. Thanks.

— Ron