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@hm42 wrote:

When using Roku, firefly process sometimes starts to eat all the available CPU and slows down the system noticeably. Happened twice so far. In this state it also stops responding to clients. The process has to be killed, it won’t settle down by itself.

Also, it sometimes is not fast enough to “wake up”, ie when connecting to the server that has been idle for some time, it takes two connect and browse requests to wake it up – first attempts result timeouts on Roku.

Compilations handling still does not seem to work quite right; only some of the compilation stuff is under various artists.

Version? This sounds like a svn-1313 bug, fixed in later. Probably should be running 1359.

The wakeup thing I can’t really do anything about… if the thread does a db read and it takes a while for the spindle to spin up, I can’t program my way around that.

I’m of the opinion that the soundbridge times out too fast, but I’d guess that’s probably a tuning issue — how long you wait for spinup, versus how long you have to wait when you accidentally click on a rendezvous entry that isn’t on the network anymore.

If you aren’t running 1313, I’d really like to see some of your logs, though. Haven’t seen that before, would like to see what that is.

— Ron