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Nice setup. 🙂
Well, carpets might be easier to do than correcting the frequency response. 😉

I too have a wooden floor and bare walls (so far – just moved in).
So I know the effect of seemingly standing waves in the bass range. Doesnt sound too good. 🙁

Onkyo is a nice brand indeed. What I dig about the 647 is its wide range of inputs. from composite to digital audio to even HDMI. the H/Ks that can do that are price-tagged twice as much and more. But they are more or less equal, otherwise.

Anyway, the soundbridge itself is more than powerful enough to do a FIR or IIR in realtime. It’s blackfin shouldnt be at more than 20-30% load while decoding mpeg4 audio. So it would be more suited, but I donno about firmware access politics of roku. seems pretty restrictive. bugger.