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Bo Mellberg

My sound system is nothing specal, but I’m trying to slowly step up to a higher league.

– My source is either X-Fi Elite Pro in the HTPC or the Pinnacle SB 1001. THe X-Fi is connected via analog cables to the reciever and the SB via digital coax.

– The reciever is a H/K AVR 507. This is my weak link at the moment. I have a H/K Signature 2.1 power amp coming in.

– The speakers are QRS Tellus (swedish brand) bi-amped from the H/K. Cost was about $2500.

My biggest problem is bass resonances because of the non dampened room (wooden floor, naked walls). I’m more into solving that than having a perfect flat curve at sweetspot. Is there any better way of measuring the room than doing it at absolute sweetspot, thus making the sweetspot the only useful listening position?

The Onkyo seems nice. I have an Integra A-807 which I connect to my system from time to time. It has a nice natural sound with good bass control. I really like Onkyo, always have…