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wow. mad props for explaining all that.
yeah, debian is really nice, I was a slackware person, and even had mandrake at some point – so I dont really care as long as I can get proper package support and gnome 😉 (Im addicted to wanda lol)

alright, so I guess i want x86 and the arm5 stuff so I can compile for GNU Linux/win32/unslung.

well, cygwin is soo much bloatware and theres just too much lib hacking involved for my taste. coLinux does sound nice, but I really wanna get a nice Linux up again.
Its a shame I’ve been using windoze since my Linux HD died.

btw, just out of curiosity Bo Melberg, what kinda sound system do you sport?
Im thinking of giving myself an Onkyo TS-SR674, Im always glad on some advice, sound-wise. 🙂