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@fizze wrote:

ah, I see. The fast programmer chose the easy path 😀
(no pun intended)

Well, yeah. 🙂

I never really thought about transcoding for aac or mp3. I always considered that you’d never want to transcode those because what would you gain? More bandwidth, same audio.

I didn’t ever think about passing them through filters. I might have to rethink that idea.

Btw is there any chance you did document your build setup thingy, so someone like me would have any clues in setting them up?

slug, or the whole build pass? The whole build pass is pretty specific to my house, as it does stupid hardcoded things, like etherwaking machines to do builds, expecting nfs mounts that I have set up here, etc. It’s not very portable. 🙁

The build scripts for individual targets are relatively portable though. In the case of nslu2, it’s pretty easy — just checkout the tree and do a “make mt-daapd-ipk”. That downloads all the crosstool stuff, builds cross compilers, everything. Really easy. Much easier than you would think. 🙂

There are files that I should make public, though — the control files, and the makefile I use, etc.

perhaps I’ll put those along with the other portable build stuff I’m using in a new package on subversion. That would perhaps help other to get build chains going.

I remember that cross-compiling always is a pain to set up.

Used to be, but crosstool makes it pretty easy to set up cross-compiles. It basically took all the little patches and whatnot floating around the net and put them all in one package, so you can always easily make a cross-compilation toolset for just about any platform on just about any other platform. Nice.

For unslung, it’s much like that… it builds the necessary crosstools for you as part of the “make” target.

Id really love to dive in and fix/change/debug/improve this or that little feat.

I certainly won’t stop you, and I’d certainly be happy to take the diffs. 😉

As soon as I have a new HD Im gonna put edgy on and wanna start cracking. 😉

As a debian fan, I want to not like ubuntu, but I can’t. It’s really nice.

I guess there isnt any chance for a cross-compile stuff in win32? :wonder:

Sure… the slug site here has instructions for at least two different windows build systems — one using CoLinux and the other using vmware player and an ubuntu image.

It’s possible you could get a cross-environment going with cygwin, too, but I don’t see any documentation on it.

— Ron