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@Bo Mellberg wrote:

Erm, no I didnt. As a matter of fact I didnt mention mp3:s at all…:evil:

You mentioned specifically linux, so I’m going to assume you are using flac. The ssc-script transcoder uses a script to do transcoding. Check your ssc_script parameter in your config file to find out where it is. Probably you can modify the script that you are probably already using to pass the stream through a convolution filter before it gets handed back to the client:

.. snip ..

flac_file() {
$FLAC --silent --decode --stdout "$FILE" | $WAVSTREAMER -o $OFFSET $FORGELEN | /bin/some/convolution/filter -w -h -a -t -e -v -e -r

.. snip ..

Somethin like that would work, so song as the convolution filter took .wav files on stdin, and streamed them out stdout in better than realtime.

Yell if that isn’t clear.

– Ron