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@skellert wrote:

OK… what stupid thing am I doing? I’m guessing it might have something to do with the “ignore the plugins value, instead auto-loading all plugins in the plugin dir” feature of 1391….. Also, a segfault is probably not the best way of flagging that there the plugin dir hasn’t been configured right 😉

Uh, what’s wrong with “make install”? 🙂

Yeah, obviously it’s trying to load every file in your libs directory. The plugins really shouldn’t go there. /usr/lib is for linkable libraries — stuff you intend to link with a -l. I believe they *should* go in $pkglibdir.

Short answer, put it somewhere other than /usr/lib. That’s what’s making it explode, and they arguably don’t belong there anyway.

course, putting them there shouldn’t make you segfault, so I clearly have work to do there.

That’s ticket 213, btw.

— Ron