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@hpsenicka wrote:

I’d like to install Firefly (on Windows) for a few friends to allow them to experiment a bit… but before I do I wanted to confirm whether it would uninstall cleanly?

I would hate to install something they might have difficulty removing later if they don’t find it useful.

I haven’t run the uninstaller for a while, I’m not sure what it leaves. The only thing it does that’s permanent on the system is install the service. Once the service is uninstalled, everything else can be simply deleted — no other registry entries are created, and the only files is writes or creates are in the Firefly directory.

It’s pretty well behaved. That said, it wouldn’t surprise me if it left some cruft in the firefly directory on an uninstall.

I wouldn’t mind moving to a msi version of the installer, but building upgrade packages is a nightmare. I may take another look at it if I get some free time, though.

– Ron