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@hhnougat wrote:

ยท howl-1.0.0

Further down, you aren’t configuring mt-daapd to use howl, and you aren’t setting howl up to start at boot. If you don’t need rendezvous for more than one program, then you might as well just skip the whole howl stuff and use the build-in mdns responder.

Installing SuSE startup script
cd …/SourceCode
tar xvjf mt-daapd.suse.tar.bz2

cp contrib/mt-daapd.suse/etc/init.d/mt-daapd.suse

Not sure which startup script you are getting here — the one from the suse tarball, or the one from the stock distribution. Either is probably fine, but if you are using the one in contrib, then no real reason to download the suse tarball, I don’t think.

Setup mt-daapd
cp contrib/mt-daapd.conf.tmpl/etc/mt-daapd.conf

Hrm. once you do a “make”, there should be a mt-daapd.conf in contrib, not just a .templ. Is that not the case?