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Reply To: Installing mt-daapd on Suse 10



@hhnougat wrote:

Hi there,

I’m trying to install mt-daap on a Suse 10 System.

What I want to do is to use an old PC as a media-server. That media-server is supposed to stream music to my roku soundbridge.

During the installation (./configure ) I get an error message which says that sqlite is missing. So I installed sqlite 3.x and tried again to install mt-daapd. What can I say: I wnat get up.

Are there any dependies missing or do I have to install something else previously?

Would anyone be so kind and give me some detailed information on how to install mt-daapd?


I was going to refer you to the thread on the roku site, but you *are* the thread on the roku site.

For others that follow this: