Reply To: Problem with Pinnacle Soundbridge when reconnecting


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what firmware is your soundbridge?

My SB say it’s the newest.

Newest, or newest beta? What version is it? 2.5.174?

did you try any other clients?

No, I didnt. Wich client is good for trying?

iTunes is a good place to start. See if it shows up as a shared library in iTunes. That will give a good data point.

No, there isn’t any firewall! It works fine, but only one time.

If you stop and start the mt-daapd server, does it appear on the soundbridge? If so, that’s a sure sign that the server isn’t getting mdns queries. You would see them on the local interface to on port 5353 udp.

When you say that there isn’t a firewall, do you mean that there literally is no firewall, or that your firewall is set up to allow all connections from your local network? Because lots of times when you think there is no firewall, multicast addresses like are still firewalled as martians (incorrectly, obviously).

I’d double check to make sure you literally have no iptables rules laying around and default accepts.


Ack… wait. I just re-read that. vserver has well known problems with multicast, that’s probably what you are running into. On the host box, is it possible you could run mdns on *that*, instead of in the vserver? Then you could proxy advertise for the vserver’d host.