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@hdchris0809 wrote:

– or can i even use itunes to “create and manage the playlists” on the nslu, and the server automaticaly “uses” these itunes playliste (to stream to a roku??

If you copy your music in the same layout that you have on the windows machine (i.e. managed by iTunes), and you copy your “iTunes Music Library.xml” to the slug inside the music directory, then it will pick up your iTUnes playlists and make them available from the soundbridge or other iTunes clients.

Also, you can use any m3u playlist editor to edit playlists, and that will work too.

There is also the smart playlist editor rom the web interface, and that works, although to get the most advanced playlists, you have to describe them in a code-like syntax. It’s not too hard, though.

Any one of these methods will get you going with playlists.

— Ron