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When loading smart playlists all is fine.
When loading a .m3u playlist, firefly loses the connection.
I can’t even load a smart playlist after that. I have to reboot the Soundbridge.
exaple of playlist entry:

#EXTINF:250,Gary Moore - Livin' On Dreams
..GGary Moore1988 - After The WarGary Moore - After The War - 04 - Livin' On Dreams.mp3
#EXTINF:377,Dream Theater - Goodnight Kiss
..DDream Theater2002 - Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence (Disc 1)Disc2Dream Theater - Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence -Disc 2 - 05 - Goodnight Kiss.mp3
#EXTINF:159,Rollins Band - Gone Inside The Zero
..RRollins Band2001 - NiceRollins Band - Nice - 03 - Gone Inside The Zero.mp3
#EXTINF:204,Judas Priest - Better By You Better Than Me
..JJudas Priest1978 - Stained ClassJudas Priest - Stained Class - 03 - Better By You Better Than Me.mp3
#EXTINF:295,Uriah Heep - Beautiful Dream
..UUriah Heep1975 - Return To FantasyUriah Heep - Return To Fantasy - 04 - Beautiful Dream.mp3
#EXTINF:272,Rush - 2112 - I. Overture
..RRush1998 - Different StagesDisc 1Rush - Different Stages (Disc 1) - 10 - 2112 - I. Overture.mp3
#EXTINF:253,Led Zeppelin - Custard Pie
..LLed Zeppelin1975 - Physical GraffitiDisc 1Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti (Disc 1) - 01 - Custard Pie.mp3
#EXTINF:287,Queen - Tie Your Mother Down
..QQueen1976 - A Day At The RacesQueen - A Day At The Races - 01 - Tie Your Mother Down.mp3
#EXTINF:252,Scorpions - The Riot Of Your Time
..SScorpions1977 - Taken By ForceScorpions - Taken By Force - 04 - The Riot Of Your Time.mp3

I’m using MediaMonkey to generate the playlist and it uses UTF-8.[/code]

I’m perhaps not understanding. Is this *every* m3u file, or just some? Does the firefly server stay up, or does it crash?

Can you zip your database and send me both the zipped database and the m3u file that makes it crash? You could send it to [email protected]