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I’m trying to shuffle all of my 10,000 songs on my Soundbridge. I figured the logical way to do this would be to go to “browse songs”, hit play and put it in shuffle mode. However, when I try to do that, it just thinks for a really long time and never comes up with my list of songs.

Do I just have too many? Is there another solution?


Depends on what version of firefly you are using, and what platform. You shouldn’t have a problem with 10k from a “real” computer, and even with a small embedded machine like the nslu2, you shouldn’t have a problem if you are running latest nightlies.

If you are using something like 0.2.4, then you might have problems with 10K songs — that’s very near the limit of the thing.

— Ron

I have been using 0.2.4 for quite a while with a collection well over 30k songs and haven’t seen any problems.

I am currently testing latest svn build and see no problems in that respect either