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Reply To: mt-daapd nightlies on Synology DS 101j



finally I did some checks with mt-daapd, in the meantime I set up Twonky and it works fine, so I did not have the pressure anymore getting mt-daapd running .-)

I tried the latest Nightly (1417,ARM), it installed without any comments. Now when I run start it with the script or with simply typing mt-daapd on telnet, I get a segmentation fault and the message that the core got dumped. I donĀ“t know where I can find the dump, maybe this would help.

The former version I got up and running was not a nightly, it was the crosscompiled version 0.2.4 without the needed Pinnacle Protocol Plugin, so I could see the server from I-tunes on my PC but not with the SB.

Regards, Grouper