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Reply To: NLSU2 Mt-daapd on Different Subnet – How To Config Router Fi



@TheSleuth wrote:

I see an option for “Link Aggregation on Ports 3 and 4” under VLAN, but I don’t know if that is an option, and don’t want to rewire all if it is not the right thing to do for this.

That’s not it. Thats for using two nics in one machine and bonding them together as one interface.

The issue is that iTunes uses multicast to find resources on the network. Unless you have multicast enabled routers in there you won’t be able to route multicast. My guess is that a small embedded consumer device doesn’t have the routing stuff in it that it needs to be able to do this properly.

The “make it work” solution is to use a mdns proxy like RendezvousProxy to let people on the remote network see the server.

— Ron