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@conreyt wrote:

I’m not sure really where to begin. I’ve installed mt-daapd on my debian server. I can see the share on my ubuntu notebook running banshee-daap. My question is this. When I look at my mp3s that I’ve got shared, I see all the id3tag data, however I’m not seeing it with any of my oggs. The only thing that shows up is the filename. They play fine, however I can’t sort by artist / album /genre. I’ve verified that the tag info on my oggs is correct. Any thoughts?

You’ll need to have nightlies rather than stable, and you’ll have to build it with –enable-oggvorbis in order to see ogg metadata.

I think svn-1379 is in debian unstable. You might be able to use the packaging info for that to backport to your platform.