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Reply To: Re-buffering & slow connection




thanks for the reply. Below you will find the answers to your questions:

1. How are you connected
– Via WLAN (WLAN DSL router, Wireless connection from PC to WLAN router and wireless connection from Soundbridge to PC via router)

I also tried a direct ethernet connection from the PC to the router, but it did not change anything

2. What is your available bandwidth
Depends on the signal quality – varying from 1Mbit to 54Mbit, but it still doesn’t seem to make a difference

3. What platform are you running firefly on?
Windows XP service Pack 2

4. What kind of audio files are you trying to play?
m4a and mp3, but that also doesn’t seem to make a difference

Overall the Soundbridge buffers plays like 10sec. and then re-buffers continously… 😕 I have turned off the windows firewall as well as the VPN client.

Could it also be related that I cannot see the UPnP devices through Windows Media Connect?

Thanks for all the help