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Reply To: mt-daapd on Ubuntu 2.6.15-26-k7 Problems



@plaetzchen wrote:


I just installed mt-daapd on my Ubuntu Server. I strictly followed the instructions on the mt-daapd wiki. The installation works without problems. I started is using mt-daapd -f -d 5 as root. This is what I get:

[email protected]:/home/pbrechler# mt-daapd -f -d 5
Starting rendezvous daemon
Current database version: 8
Starting signal handler
Loading playlists
Initializing database
Finished loading smart playlists
Adding smart playlist AAC Files as 5
Adding smart playlist Non-DRMed Music as 4
Adding smart playlist Recently Added as 3
Adding smart playlist 60's Music as 2
Starting mp3 scan
Found music file: Fred Vom Jupiter.MP3
Signal handler started

But I don’t see the server in iTunes and I can’t access the webinterface of mt-daapd, instead I get an 404 Error.
Whats wrong here?



What does the 404 error say? It it from mt-daapd, or from something else (i.e. daapd)

Also, would it be possible to run nightlies? svn-1359 is much more featureful, and easier to debug, I think. Those are on the nightlies page.

— Ron