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Reply To: regular expression in smart play list def



@fizze wrote:

wow, no Regexp’s!
that would definetely kill performance on something like the slug.

If you have to, use “like”, thats very powerful, but should leverage the load on the slug, shouldnt it?
besides, is gdb capable of that?

the “includes” keyword maps directly to ‘like “%string%”‘, so that’s easy. Harder to make a regex style into a real sql query.

Instead, you’d have to scan every row and run regex comparisons against every row.

Really wouldn’t be that bad… even on the slug, it does two passes through the db anyway. It’s something I’ll probably have an option to do — using a “smart” backend like sqlite, or a “dumb” backend like gdb, with all the smart playlist stuff done on outside the database.

I’m kind of curious what performance might look like.

— Ron