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Almost there. It turns out you need the broadcom toolchain else you won’t have the required libraries in /opt/lib (see this thread)

I unpacked the toolchain (hndtools) on my windows machine and copied the lib folder to my MSS. That didn’t help, apparently because the soft links to the libraries aren’t there.
there’s no and no; I copied to and to That seemed to help.

mt-daapd will now start when I invoke /opt/etc/init.d/S60mt-daapd, and it will show up in the process list (ps), but I can’t cannot to it through :3689 nor can I see it in my iTunes client. The config file is fine as far as I can tell.

sigh. You would think this shouldn’t be so tedious. I may just go back to vinyl…

anyway I’ll try to dig up a knoppix cd, unpack the hndtools tar (hopefully with soft links then) and recopy the libraries. I suspect that will help.