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@mvanloon wrote:

hmm the ivorbis-tools package at is still the arm version (at least the filename ends with armeb.ipk). The libvorbisidec package is also armeb (libvorbisidec_cvs-20050221-1_armeb.ipk). The rest is all mipsel.

Hrm. They really are mipsel. I think the package builds are just bad because they’ve never been compiled for anything other than arm, so they are still using the old build scripts with the bad names. I’ll fix those.

Is it a lot of trouble for you to post them as mipsel builds? I don’t have a buildchain set up (i haven’t run linux on my workstation in ages to be honest) so I can’t compile them myself.

It was a mild pain, but there really isn’t much difference between slug and mipsel, so once we get it going, it’s virtually free to dump out the mipsel builds.

Obviously might take some time, though. 🙂

— Ron