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@purpleindigo wrote:

OK. Looks like I’ve been going round in circles a bit, but thanks for letting me know.

So the question is,

I have a Roku Soundbridge and a Maxtor MSS.

What music server can I use that will let me play iTunes playlists?

I couldn’t install Twonkyvision because the installation script kept jamming which probably stops that from being an option.

This and twonky are the only two I know.

If you are feeling like running around in circles *faster*, here’s something you can try. As I said, I’ve added an mss package into my build chain, but I haven’t tested it or anything.

You can download it here:

That’s a mipsel binary compiled for mss. I’ve not tested it *at all*. I’d guess at a minimum, you’ll need to point your sources to a nslu2 mipsel tree (maybe the one at openmss will be enough, maybe you’ll have to point at the nslu2 wl-500 tree). Either way, there will be a fair number of dependancies. Even once you are past that, you will likely need to copy the contents of the “/opt/lib” directory from the broadcom build tools into you /opt/lib directory.

I got the build tools here: (use the libs from the mipsel-linux set, not the mipsel-ulibc set).

Like I said, this will probably require some hoop-jumping, but if you get it going, it will be a big help for others using the mss. I’d understand if you are sick of messing with it and just want to kick the thing over and buy a transistor radio, though. 🙂

— Ron