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@JLMichels wrote:

I am a frustrated soundbridge user. I don’t yet use firefly. I am trying to understand what it does and doesn’t do.

Generally, it is an itunes-less replacement for iTunes. It does music sharing using the same protocol that iTunes does. Mostly just so it can be run on small, embedded computers rather than having a mac or pc turned on all the time.

I use live365 vip stations which require some kind of login function. I have tried various ways to get soundbridge to play these, but it seems like the only solution that will really work for more than a couple of days is to log in and get a current stream address. Slimserver has this. Is there anyway that firefly would be able to do this now or future.

That’s generally something that firefly wont’ do in the near future. There is fair demand for it, and it’s something that is marginally possible, so at some point it probably will be folded in.

No time soon, though. Sorry.

— Ron