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Reply To: 1400 on YDL PPC … database upgrade failes …



@eddieb wrote:

Hi Ron,

I indeed took the work-around …

cd /var/cache/mt-daapd
sqlite songs.db “.dump playlists” > playlists-old.sql

I removed the create part and the 1st playlist line from that sql file.
After renaming the songs.db into songs.old.db I restarted and it took 30minutes to scan 8500 songs “scanmethod=2” on the 867Mhz G4
After that I used

sqlite songs.db < playlists-old.sql
to re-import my old playlists and everything is working again ..
1 other minor …
the ADMIN web interface still telss me “Version svn-1159” … that is not true …


what platform? I’m wondering if I have a build problem.