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@rpedde wrote:

The regular scan scans the mp3_dir, but it only checks for for files that have changed since the last scan.

The full scan dumps the entire database and reloads all the metadata from scratch.

Normally, when you want to have it pick up new songs, or changed to id3 tags, you can do a regular scan. When you update versions, it makes sense to do a full scan, since there might be new metadata in the db or something. Like maybe I might start picking up replaygain or something. In that case, you’d have to do a full scan to pick up the replaygain info.

— Ron

Ok. Thanks for clearing that out. 🙂

Another offtopic quension;
Is there a IRC channel for this project? Would be nice.

And once again; Great thanks to you for all the work you’ve put into this project. I’ve used it 4-12h/d during the two weeks I’ve had it running, and it’s great!