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Reply To: svn-1400, flac and NSLU: Performance problems?



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The solution most likely is a ext2/3 driver for windows. There are a couple floating around, and they are pretty stable, I heard.

Hm. “Pretty stable” is not good enough for me. Googled for the drivers and was not so happy with what I found.

Actually I prefer to solve a problem without getting other ones in exchange.


You are looking for a one-time solution to copy files that’s faster than over-the-network, right? I could agree that you probably wouldn’t want to run an enterprise datacenter with the ext2 drivers around, but they are certainly good enough for a one-shot copy.

Failing that, you could always boot with knoppix cd or something similar with captive ntfs and native ext3.

In the end, though, you might be right. 350G of music on a device with 32m of ram probably isn’t a long-term winner. Particularly while doing stuff as cpu intensive as transcoding on a machine with no FPU.