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Reply To: mt-daapd 0.2.4 question and issues



@jiceher wrote:

1) I want to use the stable version of the server only because the fact I don’t want to update often my system;

svn-1359 is pretty stable.

3) We can launch mt-daapd without mdnsd support (option -m) but what is for ? With this option mt-daapd database is no more viewed in different itunes client on the network;

In case you want to use static entries in your mdns responder. Or if there is no need because you are running it over a tunnel and have to run a proxy mdns responder anyway.

4) I have memory trouble with gdb, I have 10000 songs, it corresponds to a 7Mo songs.gdb file and when someone is connect to the server, it takes more than 22Mo on memory. Doest it a normal memory usage ? I plan to use mt-daapd with small embedded system (like via mini-itx motherboard) with small amount of memory (128Mo for the whole system) and I found the memory usage of the server not appropriate. More, I have notice that the memory doesn’t free when the client is disconnected.

That’s probably the effect of heap fragmentation. 0.2.4 builds the dmap tree in memory before streaming it. Makes it unuseable on small machines like a NSLU2 with over 8K or so songs. Nightlies trade two passes on the database for memory, and consequently can serve more songs on smaller machines, although it does pay a performance penalty.

Bottom line, if you are running an embedded machine with a large database, you are better off with nightlies.

— Ron