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@boomen22 wrote:

1) With Ethernet cable my SB can connect to FireFly Library and play songs. Still no iTunes Library (eventhough Pinnacle advertises on their packaging that that should work!)

Okay.. that’s a different issue. Basically, just add your iTunes music directory as one of your music directories in the web interface (My Music in windows, or ~/Music on a mac).

Even if your music is somewhere else, still add an entry for your music directory, that way I can find your iTunes library and read the playlists out of it.

Also, check that your “process_m3u” setting int he web interface is set to Yes.

2) I checked with another Wifi Laptop in my WiFi LAN and I can mutually exchange, connect to, and play their respective iTunes Libraries on both the Laptop and the Desktop.

What kind of router? I know there have been issues with AVR and some other routers… see this thread — the symptoms seem similar.