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Reply To: Front Row: This song cannot be played.



@risimmonsuk wrote:

Just got myself a mac mini and discovered this issue when playing with front row. Don’t suppose there’s been any progress on this – I’m running a nightly build around 1313 (I forget exactly which one) on a buffalo linkstation. Is upgrading to a later nightly likely to make any difference here?

iTunes 7 can get the music fine and frontrow then displays the correct thing in the now playing screen. but navigating to a song directly in front row always fails.

Not too worried by this as the mac mini is supposed to be a web/database server machine rather than a music player, but would be nice if it did work.

Yes. And I want to get it working before iTV ships, as I imagine it will be similarly broken. So no, no progress, but yes, I want to make some.

— Ron